Day 25: March 23, 2017

Today’s Progress: Worked on some more FCC curriculum (finished intermediate algorithms and worked on JavaScript calculator).

Thoughts:I would really like to go ahead and finish the Front End certification. I’ve been working on this for almost two months now and I feel like I should have been done with it already.

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Day 24: March 22, 2017

Today’s Progress: Worked on some Udemy curriculum, created a sample Startup site, and started a To-Do list app.

Thoughts: I think that the To-Do list app is coming along nicely. I was able to incorporate some of the things I’d learned from the Wikipedia viewer app I had to make for FCC. The start of this actually spurred some friends of mine to want to collaborative build a more robust task management/team collaboration tool, so I’m very excited about that. I will definitely be finishing out my simpler version so that I can bring the things I learn from it to the bigger project.

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Day 20: March 9, 2017

Today’s Progress: Continued to work on the JSON project.

Thoughts: I’m 1/5th of the way through this challenge. I had to break for a week in preparation for the start of the next term. It tends to get very busy the week before a term starts so 100% of my brain capacity is directed towards getting courses ready. I finished the Twitch project but I feel kind of blah about it. Not really sure what to do with it at this point. Will have to think on this more.

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  1. Use the JSON API