Day 3: February 9, 2017

Today’s Progress: Continued with FreeCodeCamp and The Odin Project materials.

Thoughts: I started learning more about the Command Line and have found it to be something that I will need to dedicate a decent amount of time to learning. FreeCodeCamp offered some resources to that end, but they were primarily MAC-biased and I am a Windows user, so that sucks. I’ll need to find my own material that will better guide me on Windows specifically. I’m hoping Codeacademy will turn up something interesting.

Link(s) to work:

  1. A Command Line Crash Course
  2. Create a Bootstrap Button
  3. Create a Block Element Bootstrap Button
  4. Taste the Bootstrap Button Color Rainbow
  5. Call out Optional Actions with Button Info
  6. Warn Your Users of a Dangerous Action
  7. Use the Bootstrap Grid to Put Elements Side By Side
  8. Ditch Custom CSS for Bootstrap
  9. Use Spans for Inline Elements
  10. Create a Custom Heading
  11. Add Font Awesome Icons to our Buttons
  12. Add Font Awesome Icons to All of our Buttons
  13. Responsively Style Radio Buttons
  14. Responsively Style Checkboxes
  15. Style Text Inputs as Form Controls
  16. Line Up Form Elements Responsively with Bootstrap
  17. Create a Bootstrap Headline
  18. House our Page within a Bootstrap Container Fluid Div
  19. Create a Bootstrap Row
  20. Split your Bootstrap Row
  21. Create Bootstrap Wells
  22. Add Elements within your Bootstrap Wells
  23. Apply the Default Bootstrap Button Style
  24. Create a Class to Target with Default jQuery Selectors
  25. Add ID Attributes to Bootstrap Elements
  26. Label Bootstrap Wells
  27. Give Each Element a Unique ID
  28. Label Bootstrap Buttons
  29. Use Comments to Clarify Code
  30. Learn How to Script Tags and Document Ready Work
  31. Target HTML Elements with Selectors Using jQuery
  32. Target Elements by ID using jQuery
  33. Delete your jQuery Functions
  34. Target the Same Element with Multiple jQuery Selectors
  35. Remove Classes from an Element with jQuery

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