Day 7: February 14, 2017

Today’s Progress: Continued to work on FCC and TOP. Also worked through my final project for class.

Thoughts:  know the rules say not to include coursework but this final project felt significant enough to include in my journey.  Just a few months ago, I wouldn’t have known how to do like 95% of what this project took to work, so I’m pretty proud of myself.

For TOP, today I went through the Git 101 section. To an extent, I’ve already kind of been using Git to save my personal stuff to Github, but it was nice to have this resource available to reinforce the information I already knew.

In regards to my Personal Portfolio project, today I focused almost exclusively on just cleaning up the code I’ve come up with so far and making it more efficient. I had to bust out the pencil and paper just to get my thoughts in order.

Link(s) to work:

  1. Gradebook Final Project
  2. Personal Portfolio Project
  3. Understanding Boolean Values
  4. Using Conditional Logic with If Statements
  5. Comparison with the Equality Operator
  6. Comparison with the Strict Equality Operator
  7. Comparison with the Inequality Operator
  8. Comparison with the Strict Inequality Operator
  9. Comparison with the Greater Than Operator
  10. Comparison with the Greater Than Or Equal To Operator
  11. Comparison with the Less Than Operator
  12. Comparison with the Less Than Or Equal To Operator
  13. Comparisons with the Logical And Operator
  14. Comparisons with the Logical Or Operator
  15. Introducing Else Statements
  16. Introducing Else If Statements
  17. Logical Order in If Else Statements
  18. Chaining If Else Statements
  19. Golf Code
  20. Selecting from Many Options with Switch Statements
  21. Adding a Default Option in Switch Statements
  22. Multiple Identical Options in Switch Statements
  23. Replacing If Else Chains with Switch
  24. Returning Boolean Values from Functions
  25. Return Early Pattern for Functions
  26. Counting Cards
  27. Build JavaScript Objects
  28. Accessing Objects Properties with the Dot Operator
  29. Accessing Objects Properties with Bracket Notation
  30. Accessing Object Properties with Variables

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