Day 8: February 15, 2017

Today’s Progress: Continued to work on FCC and a little bit of my portfolio.

Thoughts: I decided to start my Porfolio project over from scratch because my original code was getting really messy. I’ve found that I’ve come to like Bootstrap quite a bit as a result.

Taking a break from TOP today. I’ve been making really good progress on FCC and I want to keep that forward momentum going by finishing out the Basic JavaScript section, and hopefully through the Object Oriented and Functional Programming section. I’m still trying to get used to manipulating JavaScript Objects. Also, the more I get into JavaScript, the more I see the differences between it and Java. It’s a little confusing trying to keep track of the differences, but I think it’s important that I at least know certain things are possible to do because I can always look up how to do them if I forget syntax.

I was also thinking about checking out this Java MOOC to see if it would be similar to FCC but for Java. I’m really just looking for a structured way to learn that will also help me build my programming portfolio with actual projects.

Link(s) to work:

  1. Personal Portfolio Project
  2. Updating Object Properties
  3. Add New Properties to a JavaScript Object
  4. Delete Properties from a JavaScript Object
  5. Using Objects for Lookups
  6. Testing Objects for Properties
  7. Manipulating Complex Objects
  8. Accessing Nested Objects
  9. Accessing Nested Arrays
  10. Iterate with JavaScript For Loops
  11. Iterate Odd Numbers with a For Loop
  12. Count Backwards with a For Loop
  13. Iterate Through an Array with a For Loop
  14. Nesting For Loops
  15. Iterate JavaScript with While Loops
  16. Profile Lookup
  17. Generate Random Fractions with JavaScript
  18. Generate Random Whole Numbers with JavaScript
  19. Generate Random Whole Numbers within a Range
  20. Sift through Text with Regular Expressions
  21. Find Numbers with Regular Expressions
  22. Find Whitespace with Regular Expressions
  23. Invert Regular Expression Matches with JavaScript
  24. Declare JavaScript Objects as Variables
  25. Construct JavaScript Objects with Functions
  26. Make Instances of Objects with a Constructor Function
  27. Make Unique Objects by Passing Parameters to our Constructor
  28. Make Object Properties Private
  29. Iterate over Arrays with Map
  30. Condense Arrays with Reduce
  31. Filter Arrays with Filter
  32. Sort Arrays with Sort
  33. Reverse Arrays with Reverse
  34. Concatenate Arrays with Concat
  35. Split Strings with Split
  36. Join Strings with Join

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