Day 12: February 20, 2017

Today’s Progress: Continued to work on FCC and a little bit of my portfolio.

Thoughts: I think Sundays will be my official “day off” each week. Also, this JSON APIs and Ajax section in FCC is SERIOUSLY lacking, so my work on projects today will be limited as I do more research on it. As usual, I am still moving forward with the challenges so that I don’t lose momentum. It worked well for me with the portfolio project as I was able to go back each day and do more with it as I learned more. These intermediate algorithm challenges are no joke!

Link(s) to work:

  1. Personal Portfolio
  2. Render Images from Data Sources
  3. Prefilter JSON
  4. Get Geolocation Data
  5. Sum All Numbers in a Range
  6. Diff Two Arrays
  7. Roman Numeral Converter

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